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I design and build unique wood gear clocks.



Filigree is an ornate pendulum desk clock. All of the moving parts are exposed so you can see it operate. A magnet hidden in the back of the pendulum is repelled by an electromagnet hidden in the frame to give the pendulum a gentle push each swing to drive the clock. Advanced electronics measure pendulum speed and make small adjustments to keep timekeeping accurate. The clock is powered by an AC adapter with optional battery backup.

Steampunk clepsydra


This is my steampunk clepsydra ("water thief") clock. A steady stream of water fills a chamber, and a siphon periodically drains it. This action moves a float up and down, and some type of connected mechanism displays the time.

This type of clock dates back to the 3rd century BC .

An electric pump continuously supplies the siphon. A float in the siphon is connected by a lever to a ratchet and pawl mechanism. The ratchet wheel has 60 teeth, and the siphon cycle is one minute, so the ratchet directly drives the minute hand. A set of gears drive the hour hand. A microcontroller monitors and adjusts the flow of the pump to maintain an exact one minute cycle and keep accurate time.

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