Mystery Clock

The Mystery Clock is a unique wood gear clock. All of the moving parts of the clock are exposed and visible, yet the motivating force operating the clock is disguised, making its operation something of a mystery to many.

Clocks are built to order - allow 3-4 weeks.

email or phone to order

863 465-0237

The Mystery Clock is driven by an electromagnetic pendulum.  A magnet at the end of the pendulum swings past an electrical coil hidden in the base.  An electronic circuit detects this, and injects a short current pulse into the coil. This electromagnetic coil then repels the magnet, giving the pendulum a small “kick” each time it passes by. This keeps the clock running.

The Mystery Clock operates safely on 4 D batteries for up to 4 months.

Unique to our pendulum clocks is an advanced microcontroller circuit.  Not only does it make continuous adjustments to the pendulum drive for accurate timekeeping, it also makes it easy to set up your clock.  A discrete LED blinks red or green to indicate if the pendulum bob needs to be moved up or down. This allows the bob to be set in minutes, not days or weeks. Once set, the advanced pendulum drive maintains accuracy to 20 parts per million!

This advanced circuit is exclusive to clocks.

Click for more information on the Mystery Clock’s accuracy.

What makes our unique pendulum clock tick?
Watch the video:


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