Lake maps

We carve unique 3D lake maps using lake contour data from the DNR. The lake depths are accurately represented, We can carve any lake in the Minnesota DNR database.  Use the DNR Lake Finder to look for your lake data, or just give us a call or email.

You can personalize these maps with your name and cabin location.

Typical prices





Extra Large











Small maps are approx. 9” wide by 16” long.
Medium maps are approx. 11” wide by 20” long.
Large maps are approx. 14” wide by 28” long.
Extra Large maps are approx. 22” wide by 40” long.
Maps with more detail (like the Whitefish Chain) slightly higher..
The length of each map depends upon the shape of the lake.
Other sizes by request.

Visit the Lakes Gallery to see larger images of maps.

Maps are oriented either horizontally or vertically, depending upon the shape of the lake.

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