We have several projects in the CarveWrighT Pattern Depot for CarveWright owners to purchase and build, plus a free project! Click on the images or links to go to the store.  Once in the store, you can click Try to download and examine the projects before buying.

You’ll also need some non-wood parts to build your clock.  We have hardware kits for most of our clocks.

Hardware kits

 Synchronicity Hardware Kit

Mystery Clock Hardware Kit

Electronics Kits

Synchronicity project

Synchronicity is a pendulum wall clock that features a second hand.  All of the moving parts are exposed so you can see it operate. A magnet hidden in the back of the pendulum is repelled by an electromagnet hidden in the base to give the pendulum a gentle push each swing to drive the clock.  Advanced electronics measure pendulum speed and make small adjustments to keep timekeeping accurate. The clock is powered by 4 D cells. 

This design won the 2013 "Everyone's a Winner" Carvewright contest.

In addition to the wood parts that you build with the project, you’ll need the
Synchronicity Hardware Kit

Naked Clock project

This unique clock not only tells the time, but reveals its inner workings while doing so. You can see the wooden gears moving the second hand, and the gears that drive the minute and hour hands too. Using a small electric synchronous motor, this clock keep perfect time and never needs to be wound.


Mystery Clock project

Even though every moving part of this clock is exposed for all to see, many find what makes it tick a complete mystery! The secret is a magnet embedded in the bottom of the pendulum, and a battery-operated electrical coil hidden in the base. But you don't have to tell your guests that - make them guess! Wood gear clocks can be finicky to get and keep running accurately, but this one is quite robust. And, with the available advanced microcontroller drive circuit, it is also very accurate.

Click for more information on the Mystery Clock’s accuracy.

In addition to the wood parts that you build with the project, you’ll need the

Mystery Clock Hardware Kit



Folding iPad Stand project

This attractive, sturdy stand holds your iPad or other tablet at a comfortable viewing angle. It folds flat for storage or travel. The wood hinges are not difficult to make. The project includes a couple of jigs to help you drill the hinge holes, and screws are used for the pivots. You can use the loon theme, or get creative and add your own personal touches to the design.

Tissue Box Cover

This decorative cover slips right over the top of a standard cube tissue box. It features elegant curved sides that compliment the carvings.

Free project!
Pen Box project

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